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September 30, 2015

Hottest Web Design Trends of 2015
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With 2015 almost coming to a close, it will be wise if we sample some of the web design trends that have rocked this year. 2014 saw the flat design, grid layout, background videos, and HTML5 APIs take center stage of the web design industry. Here is a list of trends that have dominated this year:


Website owners and designers are unloading non-essential functionalities from sites to reduce congestion. The idea behind this has been to make reading easier and the site’s appearance as simple and clean as possible.

This is achievable by eliminating elements off your site like complex layouts, background images, full-page sliders, unnecessary links, and much more. Unloading of these elements also improves the loading speed of your site’s pages.

They Love a Collapsible Menu

It has become a trend for site owners to hide navigation on their websites. Users discover more navigation options when they click on an icon which makes the menu visible.

Simplicity is still the design element used in collapsible menus. Using collapsible menus will ensure that you site stay’s clean and distraction free. We are used to seeing collapsible menus used in responsive viewed on smaller screens, but the transition is now visible on larger screens too.

Scroll All The Way

For those who have been using the web frequently, then you must have noticed the new trend of sites having no end; they get longer as you continue scrolling downwards. This approach is based on the way people read on the web.

Fluid scrolling is the mega concept at work here. Internet users find it easy to scroll through a site’s web pages than having to click on links to find the information you are looking for. Those who have used UC Browser have noticed how UC Browser developers implement this concept. It helps save on loading time especially for the impatient internet users.

High-Quality Images

Sites that mostly rely on images as their content are leaning towards the use of high-quality images to appeal to their readers. Even though stock images are still in use by some site owners and designers, they are slowly being faced out with high-quality images.

The benefit here is staying unique. A chance of your reader finding the same image in use on another site is almost non-existent. It adds value to your site and tells your visitors that you give focus to detail and what you post on your site and that the same focus is applied when delivering service or creating a product. In a few words, it makes your site look much more professional.

Massive Lettering

The trend of using large font sizes has taken root in the web design space and is spreading like wildfire. Previously, use of massive typography used to be experienced on sites that conveyed a bold message. But the trend has spread to other kinds of sites, and it appears it is here to stay.

Will these trends survive in the ever-evolving web space? This is a question for another day. What’s certain is that they are here to take advantage of. You can transform your site easily by implementing any of the trends that have dominated this year.


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